GARGRAVE Show fell races took place on Saturday with competitors taking part from as far afield as Norwich and with ages ranging from six to 74-years old.

There were five races in all, with an under-nines,under-12s, under-14s, under-17s and a senior race all starting and finishing in the main ring in front of a large crowd.

The races took in a river crossing and pasture and meadowland, with the older age groups experiencing a varied multi-terrain course with moorland,woodland and a steep climb to the top of Sharphaw.

Experienced club runners took many of the plaudits but they were often pushed by runners not affiliated to any clubs.

The race was well supported in the junior sections by the local running clubs of Skipton AC, Settle Harriers, Keighley and Craven, Wharfedale and Barlick Fell runners.

The under-14s race provided the highest placed local female and male from any of the five categories with Holly Eyles, 12, taking second place in the girls race to win the Weatherill shield and Alex Frew, 12, taking second place in the boys race and winning the Donald McKell trophy.

The latter trophy will be returning to the Frew home as it was won last year by Alex`s older brother Oliver.

The under-17s race and the senior race were started together and Hellifield runner Harry Coates had a storming run to win the senior race but he was led to the point of the under-17s turn by the winner of that section Lachlan Wills of Wharfedale Harriers.

Harry admitted that Lachlan appeared to traverse the climbs over the fences with more ease than he did.

It was good to see the Faulkner family of Gargrave all taking part in the senior race with Chris taking a break from his studies at Oxford University and coming home in a creditable 16th place, with dad Duncan, sister Annie and mum Bea following at later intervals. Last time the family all ran both Chris and Annie were in the junior sections.

An enjoyable day of sport which was made possible by the kind permission of all the landowners.

Special thanks must go to Flasby estates for providing the straw bales for an easier climb over the fences and generally aiding the accessibility on the course. Thanks are extended to the time keepers and marshals and commentator Roger Ingham who kindly gave up their time.


Prize winners:

Under nines Boys: 1. Frankie Allen (Keighley and Craven) 5.21; 2. Harrison Siddall U/A 6.15; 3. Bex Musgrove U/A 6.46.

Under nines Girls: 1. Robyn Cooper (Keighley and Craven) 6.26; 2. Teigan Wilcock Ambleside 6.42; 3.Eleanor Turnbull U/A 8.33.

Under 12s Boys: 1. Charles Porteous (Bingley Harriers) 6.42; 2. Callum McGoldrick Settle Harriers 7.14; 3. Raffy Schofield (Keighley and Craven) 7.31. First local: Robert Shuttleworth U/A 8.26 Under 12s Girls: 1.Mia McGoldrick (Settle Harriers) 6.59; 2. Maisie Oddy U/A 7.23; 3. Martha Hart Settle Harriers 8.22. First local: Pippa Thompson (Skipton AC) 11.22 Under 14s Boys: 1. Daniel Hood (Skipton AC) 10.11; 2. Alex Frew U/A ( First local ) 10.28; 3. Seth Box (Skipton AC) 11.30.

Under 14s Girls: 1. Lyla Duffy Rossendale 11.54; 2. Holly Eyles U/A ( First local ) 12.18; 3. Camilla Hart Settle Harriers 12.33 Under 17s: Boys: 1. Lachlan Wills (Wharfedale) 12.59; 2. Jake Norris (Bingley Harriers) 14.05; 3. Joseph Smith Wharfedale 15.46.

Under 17s: Girls: 1. Tilly Duffy Rossendale 16.25; 2. Matilda Evans U/A 18.22.

Seniors: Male:1. Harry Coates U/A 24.29; 2. Matthew Athersmith (Wharfedale) 25.13; 3. Tom Stapleton (Wharfedale) 26.02. First local: Tim Chadwick (Wharfedale) 26.53. Vet over 50: Nicholas Riggs U/A 34.49 Female: 1. Helen Lisle (Wakefield) 30.54; 2. Lucy Mallinson (Wharfedale) 31.12; 3. Alison Eagle (Wharfedale) ( First local and vet over 50 ) 35.01.

Donald McKell trophy for highest placed local male runner from any category: Alex Frew. Weatherill shield for highest placed local Female runner from any category: Holly Eyles.