IT'S a week of returns, this, with sequels to My Big Fat Greek Wedding and The Nun hitting cinemas. While one is a frightening reminder that over 20 years have now passed since 2002, the other is just plain frightening.

It took 14 years for Joel Zwick’s original Greek Wedding to garner its first sequel. What a boon, then, for fans, who have had to wait just seven more for a second. Perhaps a third will land in another three and a half years?

Nia Vardalos once again leads the film, as Fortoula "Toula" Nia Portokalos-Miller, with John Corbett back as husband Ian. The whole ‘Greek Wedding’ part of the deal is long since passed. At least the big fat family remains front and foremost. Most of them anyway.

Rather than eking out another Greek wedding, this third entry sees the Portokalos family reunite for a holiday to the homeland. Michael Constantine, who played Toula’s father Gus in the first two films, passed away in 2021 and part three exists in his memory. It was Gus’ wish for his ashes to be scattered in Greece and so it is that the film sends the whole clan across the Atlantic to do just that.

It’s another likeable entry in a series that hasn’t felt fresh in over two decades. Don’t come for laugh-out-loud hilarity but stick around for the warm fuzz of familiarity.

You’ll find no such warmth in The Nun II, a sequel to 2008’s Conjuring franchise spin off: The Nun. That was a frankly rather boring and cliche laden effort. This one’s better.

From director Michael Chaves, who helmed the third Conjuring film, The Nun II places a supremely creepy Bonnie Aarons back in the Satanic habit as demonic nun Valek. Set just four years on from the first film, part two also sees a return for Taissa Farmiga’s Sister Irene, who only just survived last time around.

Jonas Bloquet is back too, as Frenchie, with the trio joined this time by A Wrinkle in Time’s Storm Reid and Narnia star Anna Popplewell, who play Sister Debra and Kate respectively.

While no great work of cinematic flair - it’s not The Exorcist - The Nun II is scarier, more intense and, crucially, a ‘holy’ lot more fun than its predecessor. There’s a credits tease worth sticking around for too.