THE weather could not have been better for Saturday's Horton-in-Ribblesdale annual show - low mist over Penyghent soon cleared and the sun and high temperatures prevailed.

It was nice after the hustle and bustle of the bigger shows in the area to return to the grass roots of a rural show where the emphasis remained with the quality not quantity of stock and produce, and with no trace of commercialism anywhere on the field.

The format of the show remains as it always has for the generations of local families who have attended the event since it began in the early 1900`s . No one could be more supportive than the Jackson family who kindly provide the field for the sheep judging and outdoor activities.

Fortunately, the old school next door to the field is still available for the displaying of the indoor classes and unlike some newer educational buildings probably not in danger of collapse due to the crumbling concrete crisis which rumbles on at present!

The school closed back in 2017 due to falling pupil numbers. It seems ironic that the school sits empty when the children’s classes of primary school age had the largest number of entrants in them that had been seen for many years.

It was also noticeable to see the interest and participation from both children and teenagers in the sheep classes which bodes well for the future. The young exhibitors classes had some strong lines of competitors and it was probably the hardest task for the judges who all gathered to award the points.

Ellie Forster took the plaudits in the 11 to 16 year old class and four year old Edith Hudspeth showed her Valais Blacknose with calmness and confidence beyond her years to win the H Middleton trophy for the best young handler under 11-years.

The local sheep breeders in the parish had to contend with competition from other Craven farmers and those from further afield in Swaledale and Wensleydale but they more than held their own and trophies in the Dalesbred, Texel, Blue faced Leicester, Mules, Swaledale and Mashams section will soon be engraved with the names synonymous to the past victories of Horton-in-Ribblesdale farmers The Carr family from Brackenbottom have a long and respected association with Horton show and they were up against some strong competition in a very well supported Dalesbred section. John Carr was a triple trophy winner with the champion Dalesbred sheep, the best group and the best female.

He rounded off the day with the big win of the overall champion on the field with an animal which also won the same accolade at Malham show. Neighbour and friend Frank Jackson had the best male in the section.

Chairman of the show Barrie Thomas had more than a helping hand from his daughter Ruby, who had some good wins in the Swaledale section when she won three trophies.

New exhibitors Jake and Henry Harrison of Keasden were also triple winners in the same section. The Sutcliffe family will also need some space to display their trophies. Megan Sutcliffe had the champion blue faced Leicester and the best group of gimmer lambs whilst Mum Tracey won trophies for her blue Texel sheep.

A small line up of vintage vehicles and tractors looked resplendent in the sunshine and Bob Harrison was the winner of the tractor class with his Massey Fergusson 35, the tractor and vehicle class was won by Ian Mounsey with his Fergusson tractor and baler and Sarah Mounsey had the winning vehicle with her Mini Cooper.

It was a difficult task to judge the dog classes with a good amount of entrants in the large pet dog, small pet dog and sheepdog classes. The pet ducks which are kindly brought along for the children to meet and greet were kept well away after a near miss last year.

A new trophy was presented indoors this year, the Anne Humphrey memorial plate for the best overall exhibit in the children’s handicraft section and this was awarded to Erin Hawkins for her wonderful piece of artwork. Youngster Harry Fothergill managed not one but two V`s for his entry in the under- 11 categories for a photograph beginning with the letter V, the hedgehog Violet been held by the Vet. This won him the Horton landscaping trophy for the best photo taken by a child.

Entrants in the indoor classes were slightly down in other sections but as always, the standard was extremely high.

None more so than in the handicrafts section for both adults and children. The hardworking secretary Paula Swainson had some exquisite entries, both in her needlecraft work but also sugarcraft with some beautifully worked roses displayed in a vintage cup and saucer which won her the trophy for the best exhibit in the handicraft section.

An amazing patchwork quilt was the judge’s choice for best exhibit in the needlework section which was also awarded to Paula. Heather Huddleston had a busy week baking and was successful in winning the trophy for gaining most points in the confectionery section.

Her talents have also been passed onto her grand daughter Ellie Forster who won the equivalent trophy in the twelve to sixteen year old section. Leila Newhouse was the chief confectioner and handicraft entrant in the under- 11 years age group.

Kilnsey show this year introduced wide screens to their main ring whilst the organisers at Horton introducing a hand held microphone. The latter helped the afternoons proceedings no end and Barrie Thomas was able to announce when and where things were due to take place.

He also encouraged everyone to purchase raffle tickets where some excellent prizes had been kindly donated. He thanked everyone for buying them in the past and the culmination meant that new metal hurdles had been purchased for the penning of sheep which had made the job of putting up the pens so much easier for the volunteers.

The annual show gave everyone a chance to catch up with both old, new, and current acquaintances. The most pleasing aspect for the older generation was to see so many of the younger generation taking part and with this in mind the event is unlikely to collapse unlike the crumbling concrete crisis.


Champion Dalesbred Sheep and Overall Champion on the field: John Carr.

Dalesbred Group: John Carr. Best Dalesbred Female: John Carr.

Best Dalesbred Male: Frank Jackson. Best Fleeced Sheep Dalesbred: David Lambert.

Best Masham: Frank Jackson.

Champion Swaledale: Jake and Henry Harrison. Best fleeced sheep Swaledale: Jake and Henry Harrison. Best female Swaledale: Jake and Henry Harrison.

Best local exhibit in Swaledale section: Ruby Thomas. Best pair of local gimmer lambs in Swaledale section: Ruby Thomas. Best tup lamb in Swaledale section: Ruby Thomas.

Best male in Swaledale section: Chris Sharp.

Champion Texel sheep: Sandra Ireton.

Champion Zwartble sheep: Harry Parsons.

Champion Blue faced Leicester: Megan Sutcliffe.

Best Five mule gimmer lambs: Megan Sutcliffe.

Champion any other breed and Reserve champion on field: Tracey Sutcliffe with a blue Texel.

Best exhibit with handler – 11-16 years: Ellie Forster.

Best exhibit with handler- under 11 years: Edith Hudspeth.

Best summer fruit drizzle cake: Elizabeth Mason.

Best overall exhibit in confectionery section (chocolate cake ) : Emily Palmer.

Most points in confectionery section – over 13 years: Heather Huddleston, Most points in flower section: Liz Staig.

Best overall exhibit in childrens craft section: Erin Hawkins.

Best photograph taken by a child under 16 years: Harry Fothergill.

Most points in confectionery section 12-16 years: Ellie Forster.

Most points in confectionery and craft section 11 years and under: Leila Newhouse.

Best handwriting: Rosie Wilson.

Champion exhibit indoor section-under 16 years ( artwork): Rosie Wilson.

Best exhibit in needlecraft: Paula Swainson.

Most points in horticulture section: Heather Huddleston.

Best exhibit in horticulture section (tomatoes ): S.Aikin.

Best exhibit in flower section ( miniature garden): Sandra Ireton.

Best exhibit in Craft section: Paula Swainson.

Best overall photograph: Jo Woods.

Best Tractor: Robert Harrison.

Vintage Car: Sarah Mounsey Vintage tractor with implement: Ian Mounsey