AN EXHIBITION focussing on the work of the artist in residence at Skipton's Mill Bridge Gallery takes place until the end of September.

'The Big Six' is the work of John Sherwood, artist in residence at the gallery from July to October. The 'big six' of the title of the exhibition refers to a series of six amalgams - collaged images and text compositions - that John produced during the first two months of his residency at the gallery. Additional work relating to the six amalgams and other pieces from his residency will also be on display.

The 'big six' are the latest additions to an ongoing 'lifetime series' of around three hundred pieces so far named the 'Sixty By Forty Fives' - because each one measures around 60 by 45 cms.

The exhibition starts on Friday, September 15 and runs until Saturday, September 30. There will be a private view on Friday, September 15. Find out more at