THE chair of Skipton Town Council's markets and events committee has stepped down claiming he can achieve more by being just an ordinary member.

Cllr Peter Madeley told the full meeting of the town council that he felt very strongly about the market, but that he 'could not answer questions put by himself'.

He believed the market, which is held four days a week, needed an overhaul, that someone needed to 'step up to the plate' and if nothing happened, the market could cease to exist in just a few years time.

Cllr Madeley told last night's meeting in the town hall that a presentation was being organised, not by the town council, but by colleagues of his and would involve stakeholders, stallholders and North Yorkshire highways, which he hoped would start a debate on the future of the market.

"The market is so important to the town, but no one is stepping up to the plate at the moment. We need to make sure that the market survives, because at this rate, there won't be any market left in two years," he said.

Mayor, Cllr Sheila Bentley, agreed something needed to be done.

She said: "The market is getting less and less and market traders are getting very discouraged."

Cllr Madeley will be replaced as chair of the markets and events committee by Cllr Virpi Kettu.