IS it not time that we had a public enquiry about why virtually every large event or incident in this country has to have a public enquiry? They cost ridiculous amounts of taxpayers' money for which we all know that ‘lessons will be learned’, but never are and nobody will get any punishment for blame.

As for hearing how some people were upset by things, as in the Covid enquiry, that just isn’t necessary. Enquiries should deal in facts only and should just hear from the professional services who were involved who can give details of what went wrong and what should be done for future events.

In the case of Covid, an occurrence that had never had to be handled before, it is hard to say things were done wrong as we didn’t know until they were tried whether they would be effective or not. It was even harder to do ‘the right thing’ when the whole thing was mired in politics from start to finish.

Paul Morley

Long Preston