AS energy transition is part of the government’s plans to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from electricity and heat generation, the challenge is being addressed by Settle’s Action on Climate Emergency (ACE) energy group which is preparing to launch a local energy club.

The group says local sustainable generation would bring benefits to the local economy too, reducing electricity bills and at the same time reducing the long-term effects of climate change. Members of the public can hear more about the scheme during a public meeting next week and register their interest if they wish.

The club will be a co-operative of local energy consumers and generators run under a registered constitution. Members of the club who generate their own electricity will be able to trade their surplus generation with nearby consumers thereby earning a fair rate for their surplus power with the knowledge that it is being used locally and lowering peoples’ bills.

Generators could be residents with their own rooftop solar Photo-Voltaic (PV) panels, or local organisations such as sports clubs and churches. Summer generation from solar PV will need to be balanced by winter generation from hydro plants and wind turbines. In this way sustainable local generation within a single substation area, covering most of Settle, Giggleswick, Langcliffe and surrounding area will satisfy a substantial proportion of the local electrical energy demand. Solar PV is the simplest and quickest technology to install and planning work for a roll-out of rooftop solar is already underway.

Sarah Wiltshire, ACE’s co-ordinator and energy group member said: “Settle Hydro’s Archimedes screw and Settle Area Swimming Pool’s large solar array are excellent local examples of community involvement in the electricity market. With our Energy Local Club individual households and businesses can be part of this transformation, contributing significantly to reducing the environmental impact of electricity generation.” 

ACE is holding a public meeting on Thursday, October 19 at 6pm at St Mary and St Michael Catholic Church Hall in Tillman Close, Settle. The team will be there to provide more details on the plans and an opportunity to register interest in becoming a member of the local energy club.

The group also aims to help residents improve their home insulation. They have a small thermal imaging camera capable of checking for draughts and missing or inadequate building insulation. The club will be using this equipment to assess homes for energy-saving improvements that might reduce heating costs and make the home feel more cosy.

More information about the local energy plan, thermal camera, and solar survey can be found on ACE’s website as well: