IS the Craven Herald so short of correspondence on local matters that it has to resort to printing quasi-political rants (Elite must see that experiment failed. Paul Morley Craven Herald October 5)?

The “liberal elite” to which he refers are presumably those governing us today, few of which are Europhiles and even fewer are Remainers (not necessarily the same political view). His tunnel vision on the EU suddenly switches to crime and punishment. Contrary to his assertion that sentencing is too lenient, the prison population has never been higher. Whole life terms and Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) sentences, the latter abandoned in 2012 for being used far beyond the original, are evidence that the writer has neglected to properly research his arguments.

The non-sequiturs in the letter also have undertones of racism (“illegal migrants …wearing their badges of honour) and sexism ((the common man, chaps) and are only too indicative of the blinkered view of the correspondent and the paucity of his assertions and the lack of facts to support them.

Paul Weaire