This month’s health and lifestyle column from Corinne Yeadon, of the Being Better private therapy practice in Skipton

THE change in weather after an unseasonably warm spell leaves us in no doubt that we are headlong into autumn.

I am always surprised by the amount of people that identify autumn as their favourite season. I understand the colours are appealing, and I certainly sign up to the letting go and making space for new growth way of thinking, but without doubt autumn is my least favourite season, mainly because I am resistant to waving goodbye to summer.

I have a tendency to cling onto my summery frocks and flip flops for as long as possible, but I have begrudgingly reshuffled my wardrobe and footwear to reflect the time of year. I am doing my best to embrace it, recently attending an autumn retreat to gee up my autumness and thoroughly enjoyed connecting with nature on the day with lovely company, tai chi and fun activities.

I am stocked up on spooktacular Halloween paraphernalia for group activities in an understanding that for many Halloween is more appealing than Christmas. Instead of kicking against the colder weather and darker days, I am focusing on the lit candles, woolly socks, snuggly blankets and food that hugs your tummy.

There is a kind of comfort that can only be found at this time of year, but there can also be a tendency to hibernate and isolate. Motivation to get out and about can be low, but it is crucial to ensure social support and self care is given attention, which might mean pushing yourself out of the fleecy socks into the world. A little gentle exercise such as tai chi can be helpful and is a way of connecting with others. It might be as simple as meeting a friend for coffee but equally as beneficial.

There are benefits to living in the moment, equally, looking forward, planning and preparing has its own merits. During the autumn months, the anticipation of knowing I am on the stepping stone and countdown to Christmas definitely gives me a boost of enthusiasm.