SKIPTON Film Club presents for its November screening at The Plaza Cinema two films for the price of one - and they are not for the faint-hearted.

French director Dupieux is the current auteur of the absurd, his previous films include Mandibles – where two men find a live giant insect in their car boot, Rubber - where a telepathic tyre goes on a killing spree; and Deerskin, about a man who is infatuated with a deerskin jacket.

His latest - Smoking Causes Coughing - follows a group of slacker crimefighting super heroes, called The Tabacco Force, led by a puppet rat, who battle against bizarre, rubber- masked aliens.

Throughout the film narrative conventions are constantly challenged – to often hilarious effect with some critics describing the film as a 'wild ride'.

“Un Chien Andalou”- Bunuel and Dali’s 1929 surrealist, silent, short – is justly famous for also overturning narrative conventions. Some of its images shock, while some will perplex cinema goers.

Paul Valentine, of Skipton Film Club, said: "We think it will be a great opportunity to see this famous short film on the big screen and share the experience of those viewers that were thrilled and startled by it in 1929 Paris.

"Skipton Film Club likes to challenge its audiences – these films certainly do that – but also, we give people a chance to experience film in its widest forms."

The film club says some of the images in the films are not for the faint hearted.

The French double bill on Sunday, November 5 starts at 5.15pm. Members and non-members welcome. More details on the club's Facebook and Instagram pages.