YORKSHIRE Air Ambulance took a unique approach to thank its dedicated supporters during its first ‘Ta Very Much’ day, which was part of the charity’s 23rd anniversary celebrations. The heartwarming event was designed to show gratitude to donors for their generous contributions.

The event at the YAA's Nostell Air Base, in Wakefield, saw staff including the lifesaving crew, head office and fundraising teams briefly stepping away from their daily duties to make the calls. It was an emotional experience, as the team had the opportunity to directly connect with the donors and make each supporter feel genuinely appreciated for their contributions, regardless of the amount.

Of the hundreds of donors who received a call, if anybody was not able to get through or received a voicemail, YAA staff went the extra mile, sending handwritten postcards bearing a personalised 'thank you' message, ensuring that no opportunity to say ‘Ta Very Much’ was missed and no supporter went unnoticed.

Reflecting on the significance of the day, specialist paramedic critical care, Sam Berridge, who was part of the team on the day, said: "Our team responds to an average of four to five incidents every day, and it's thanks to our incredible supporters that we can swiftly attend to some of our region's most urgent emergencies. They provide the essential funding that keeps our service operational and our helicopters in the skies. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial for us to show our heartfelt gratitude. 'Ta Very Much' day provided the perfect opportunity to express our thanks, and I'm eagerly anticipating next year’s event."

This special event was a first for Yorkshire Air Ambulance, but it certainly won't be the last and following the day's success it is to become an annual tradition.The focus for 2024 is on making the event even bigger and more memorable, ensuring that their supporters continue to feel the love and appreciation they deserve.

Partnerships manager, Katie Collinson, said: “I was truly touched by the experience of making calls to our generous donors who have supported Yorkshire Air Ambulance over the years. It was a heartwarming opportunity to connect with the people who make our life-saving work possible. The event exceeded our expectations, and after this resounding success, we are committed to making it an annual tradition. We’re already setting our sights on making our 2024 event even more remarkable.”

For more information about Yorkshire Air Ambulance visit www.yaa.org.uk.