COMEDY duo Black Liver will be at Skipton Town Hall on Sunday (November 12) with tales of 'nobodies' as part of the Yorkshire Festival of Story.

Ruth Coburn and Keith Carter, who make up Black Liver, came up with the idea of 'Miss Nobodies' during the coronavirus lockdowns when the only places were shops which 'all seemed to be run by women'.

The result was a show inspired by the life stories of the women they spoke to - with all saying: "you don’t want to hear about me and my life, I’m just a nobody."

Ruth and Keith aim to show that the women they spoke to actually have far from boring lives, even though they believe they are dull and no one would be interested in hearing their incredible stories - the result is a poignant but hilarious show that will have people 'laughing their socks off one minute and crying the next.'

Miss Nobodies is at Skipton Town Hall on Sunday at 7pm. Tickets £12. Book tickets at or from Yorkshire Festival of Story, run by Settle Stories, runs until November 19 both online and in person.