BROUGHTON Sanctuary, part of the Broughton Hall estate, Skipton, is set to feature a talk by best-selling author and academic Dr Steve Taylor  at the weekend.

Dr Taylor, a regular presenter of Prayer for the Day on BBC Radio 4, will explore recent research showing that people are naturally good rather than selfish.

Our culture’s standard view of human nature is that we are highly competitive – that society is all about ‘survival of the fittest’.

This view has been encouraged by well-known psychological experiments such as the Stanford prison experiment.

However, based on his new book ‘Disconnected’, Dr Taylor will argue that recent research shows that cooperation is in fact more natural than competition, which stems from a fundamental connection between people. Dr Taylor is the author of many books on psychology and spirituality, a senior lecturer at Leeds Beckett University, and a regular presenter of Prayer for the Day on BBC Radio 4.

The event is at 3pm on Saturday, November 18 and will include discussion and a chance to chat with fellow attendees.

More details and tickets are available from