'CAT'S Cradle' a thriller by actor and playwright Leslie Sands is the December production of Skipton Little Theatre.

Bradford born Sands, who died in 2001, was an actor known for playing stern, gruff characters, including Sgt Cluff in a television series of the 1960s and based on the novels of Gil North, of Skipton.

His other television appearances included in 'The Saint,' 'The Avengers,' and 'Z-Cars', and he also performed on stage with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

He also wrote several plays in addition to Cat's Cradle including 'Intent to Murder' was staged by Skipton Little Theatre in 2019; and The Conscience Of Sergeant Cluff.

His play 'Deadlock' was adapted into the film 'Another Man’s Poison,' featuring stars Bette Davis and Gary Merrill.

Cat's Cradle tells the story of Detective Inspector Jack Frost, who in an effort to revive his faltering career, revisits a haunting, unsolved case from his past – a kidnapping and potential murder.

Armed with fresh evidence, Frost returns to the small village where the crime occurred. Once welcomed as a hero, he now confronts a wall of silence and resentment from the villagers, who are reluctant to dredge up painful memories.

The investigation culminates in a series of shocking revelations, horrifying Insp Frost and revealing the dark and horrific secrets long hidden by the villagers.

Cat's Cradle plays at Skipton Little Theatre from December 5 to December 9. Evenings, 7.30pm and 2pm Saturday matinee.

Tickets: £12.00 Under 16's: £6.00 Booking online: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/skiptonlittletheatre/e-xgdxpa; 0752 714 1176 or skipton.little.theatre@gmail.com