SKIPTON Town Council has pledged its support as part of Craven being a welcoming district to those seeking sanctuary.

District of Sanctuary status for the district was one of the last aspirations of Craven District Council before it was replaced by the new unitary North Yorkshire Council in April this year.

In order to gain accreditation, and as part of its action plan, the core group behind sanctuary status is asking businesses, organisations, groups and individuals to pledge support to the national movement.

A report to the full meeting of the council said that the authority was being asked to commit to inclusivity, openness and participation.

It has now agreed to welcome and respect people of all backgrounds, place the highest value on diversity and commit to equality, and to a culture of working collaboratively across the city of sanctuary networks.

And, it will work with people seeking sanctuary and value and recognise the contribution of all.

It has also pledged to high standards of honesty and behaviour, always acting in the interests of those seeking sanctuary.

Pledging it's support means it will be included on the website craven. City of sanctuary. Org.

Chris Rose, chair of the core group for the Craven district of sanctuary, wrote to the council "I do hope your organisation will consider being a part of this excellent movement which contributes so much to those who are seeking sanctuary in these increasingly troubled times."