THE Co-op has released figures of where in the community it's funding support has gone through purchases customers make.

Causes in the Craven area receive funding support thanks to Co-op Members   who have raised the funds through the company's Local Community Fund. Swiping or scanning their membership card when buying own-brand products and services sees members earn rewards for themselves and for the community too.

It ha supported over 36,000 projects across the UK since it launched in 2016.

Rebecca Birkbeck, director of community and member participation at Co-op, said: “We’re really proud of our Local Community Fund and the impact it’s had supporting thousands of local causes across the UK.”

Donations handed out include: £1,999.48 to 1st Clapham Scouts;£2,602.62 to Bentham Allotments Association; £2,13.85 to Ingleton Rural Community Association; £2,397.92 to Ingleton Primary School Fund; £6,006.47 to Friends of Silsden Green Places; £8,691.22 to Airedale Hospital and Community Charity; £1,732.40 to Kirkby Malham PTA; ,965.23 to Dementia Forward Settle Hub Club; £2,441.15 to 1st Castleberg Settle Scout group.

The funding boost comes at a much-needed time, with research from over 3,000 UK local community causes showing that more than eight-in-10 (84%) of local groups have seen a jump in demand for their services through the cost-of-living crisis.