IT was a sad day on the last Sunday of November as an historic gun club met for its final shoot after more than four decades.

Founded on October 7, 1981, at the Sailor Hotel, Addingham, the Addingham and District Black Powder Club has enjoyed shooting clay pigeon targets on the last Sunday of every month.

Club secretary Rob Fairs said: "The Black Powder Club differs from other clay pigeon clubs by either shooting vintage muzzle loading weapons loaded with gunpowder or loading up their own cartridges with gunpowder to shoot in breech loading shotguns.

"Unfortunately due to rising insurance costs and a dwindling membership we have had to call it a day after 42 years. We would like to say a big thanks to the Readshaw family for letting us shot on their land at High House Farm and prior to that to the Whiteoak family for letting us shoot at Hippersley Lane, Cringles."