PERMISSION has been granted for six homes to be built on an area referred to as 'wasteland'/

North Yorkshire Council has given the go-ahead to developer Sandacre Ltd for the three-bed houses on a site in Sutton in Craven.

The site is currently accessed from Bridge Road and a new road will be built to run down the western boundary of the site.

A public footpath currently used by dog walkers runs through the site and the developer has proposed it’s redirected in order to build the homes.

The application received six objections and one letter of support from villagers.

One person said the scheme “has been well thought out” and will be an improvement on the “current eyesore”.

However, objectors raised concerns about the impact the scheme might have on residents living on nearby North Street.

One person said: “My biggest concern is the fact that the new houses will face the living rooms of all the existing houses all the way along north street. This will impact not only my privacy but the privacy of all of the other people on North Street.”

In an officer report though, North Yorkshire Council said it did not believe the new properties would intrude on ones that are already there.

Architect RS Architectural said in planning documents: “This is the optimum size of the development taking into consideration the constraints of the site and the proximity of existing buildings and roads.

“The scheme will not impact significantly on the immediate area as it respects privacy and is not overbearing in terms of scale. The proposal is a good utilisation of the existing land, creating a new development which sits comfortably in relation to its context and is an improvement for the area.”