A SKIPTON mini cab firm has announced it is not introducing higher Christmas and New Year rates and will be maintaining its Tariff 1 rate day and night throughout the festive season and on bank holidays.

Skipton and Craven Taxis, which operates from premises in Sackville Street, Skipton, says the Tariff 1 rate is £5.20 for the first mile and £2.10 thereafter as is the rate it is using all the time.

Manager Arfaan Nawaz said the firm appreciated the high cost of living people were going through and that people took into account the cost of transport when they were planning a night out or a trip somewhere.

He added: "We were the first mini cab firm to be established in Skipton dating back to 1970 and have always treated our customers like a family. We have brilliant customers that have used us for more than 20 years.

"We have merged with other minicab firms to become the largest mini cab firm in Skipton to provide a better service for our customers. We have spent a lot of money to get the latest dispatch system so our customers get real time tracking of the cab they order."

Mini cabs are different in that they can only be ordered by phone or online and do not wait in a taxi rank with hackney carriage drivers.

Nawaz added the firm aimed to offer the best service it could and will not be charging the higher festive season rates.

He said despite the firms experiencing higher costs, such as high fuel prices, a rise in insurance, car maintenance and licensing costs, they aimed to keep fares fair, particularly during the party season. He said examples of the approximate cost of the journeys locally will be: Gargrave £13; Barnoldswick £23.50; Keighley £23.50; Bradley /Carleton around £8; Hellifield £23; Sutton £15; Cross Hills £13.

Skipton Craven Taxis was praised on social media recently when one of the drivers knocked on a customer's door after dropping them off to return a handbag they had left inside his cab.

Nawaz added that passenger safety was also taken very seriously and any issues someone feels they have with a driver should note their badge number and report them immediately to North Yorkshire Council's licensing team.

Passengers ordering a mini cab should check on the cost of the journey before taking the journey to avoid any confusion. They can also download the app which gives the prices.