A NEW picture book for children which explains in a fun and easy way how to cope with worries has been illustrated by Alice Strange from Ingleton.

‘How to Feel Like Sunshine’ is the second book published by Sue Steer, owner of Stockton-based Steer into Counselling, and can be used by parents, carers, teachers, as well as counsellors and other professionals.

It follows closely on the heels of ‘Bea’s Busy Brain’ published earlier this year, with both aimed at children aged between two to eight years old, and both illustrated by Alice.

Alice said: “Illustrating the books for Sue was such a joy. The stories are so beautiful and helpful that I genuinely loved creating the illustrations to go alongside the story. Mental health is such an important part of your life, it dictates everything from your mind to your physical health. It’s amazing to see mental health being introduced to children more and more, which can only helps towards a positive future.

“My biggest inspiration is my children, seeing how a magically illustrated book can really grab their imagination and pull them into another world just encourages me to create more of that."

‘How to Feel Like Sunshine’ follows the fearless Rae and her faithful companion Blaze who go on a magical adventure and journey of self-discovery as they learn that the sunshine that comes from within is what that counts. Sue’s debut publication, ‘Bea’s Busy Brain’ explains in a fun way how to cope with worries and provides children with an easy-to-understand introduction to counselling.

Sue said: “My books come from the heart and include stories I have used to support the children I have worked with over the years. Supporting children with their worries can involve the use of art, storytelling and creative methods to help explore thoughts, feelings and experiences."

Sue’s books are available for sale on Amazon.