POLICE and street marshals will be patrolling the streets of Skipton this 'builders' Friday' and over the festive holiday to help make the town centre a 'safer and more welcoming place'.

Street marshals, funded by Skipton BID, were in the town centre on Saturday and will return on Friday, from 5pm to 2am; on Saturday, from 9pm to 2am, and on Boxing Day, Tuesday, from 9pm to 2am. They will also be in the town on New Year's Eve, from 9pm to 2am.

Officers from the Craven Neighbourhood Policing Team will also be carrying out foot patrols in Skipton and Craven in the run up to Christmas and New Year.

BID funded street marshals were introduced for the first time last year, and are back again this year after they were deemed a success by licensees, the police and residents.

Last year, the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and first aid trained professionals helped with 999 calls, first aid incidents and supported anyone in need of help.

Pub Watch requested they return once again to ensure everyone enjoying the festive season gets home safe.

Skipton BID, which last month was given the support of the majority of business levy payers to continue for another five year term, said it was happy to fund the marshals for another year.

Sarah Howsen, Skipton BID Manager said; “We are keen to continue to support businesses in the evening and night time economy to ensure the town centre is safe and enjoyable.

"Our aim is to improve the whole experience for anyone and everyone who comes into the town as we head into the festive season. The introduction of street marshals complement the other safety measures within the town which include Stop Trouble and Nighttime Disorder (STAND) and the CCTV cameras throughout the town centre. Skipton BID is committed to introducing measures to make Skipton a safer place to live and visit”

Neil Stringer, Saber Security National Compliance Officer, added: “Sabre Security Ltd is proud to represent the town of Skipton by providing services in the community for Skipton BID.

"As part of our role, we aim to ensure safety by helping to prevent and deter incidents, public disorder and anti-social behaviour from occurring.

"Whilst offering support and welfare when required, the team will have a clearly defined working plan and instructions, with a key focus on welfare and we will work closely with the local community, authorities and businesses in the town ensuring safety measures and controls are in place so everyone can enjoy the nightlife.”

A spokesperson for Craven Neighbourhood Policing Team said: "We will be conducting foot patrols in and around Craven in the run up to Christmas and New Year to ensure everyone can have a safe and peaceful festive season - If you're out and about and see us please feel free to stop and say hello."