A 'PERMISSION in principle' application for six new homes on land at High Lea, Manchester Road, Barnoldswick, is being recommended for approval at the January meeting of the West Craven Committee of Pendle Council.

In a report to the committee, which will meet on January 9 in Barnoldswick, it says the highways authority has objected to the scheme because of a 'detrimental impact on highway safety'.

The report continues: "However, the issues which have been raised do not go to the heart of the principle of development. The initial stage of a Permission in Principle (PIP) application allows the Local Planning Authority to consider the location and amount of development. This means that access and highway issues must be reserved for the technical details stage of any application."

Councillors are being recommended to approve the application, on condition that the following technical details application include plans, including location plan, site plan, access visibility splay plan, elevation and floor plans; a planning statement; foul and surface water drainage scheme, and landscaping scheme.

The application is one of several items on the agenda for the West Craven Committee which will take place at the Rainhall Centre, Barnoldswick at 6.45pm on January 9.