GRIT bins in Barnoldswick are being left unfilled by the county council which means pavements are being left untreated, claim West Craven councillors.

Days after Lancashire County Council issued a press release urging people to use only what they needed from roadside grit bins, councillors at Pendle Council's West Craven Committee on Tuesday complained about a lack of salt and sand in bins in their area.

Committee chair, Cllr David Whipp said he was aware of empty bins in Barnoldswick town centre and claimed the county council was not re-filling them. He said the roadsweeper was not able to put grit on the pavements, and said it would be taken up with the council.

Last week, at the start of the recent cold spell, Lancashire County Council said every year its highways teams found roadside grit bins were empty following the first freezing nights, even though they had all been filled in October.

The council reminded people only a handful of grit was needed to handle most hazards and also that the bins were there for public roads and paths, and not for private driveways.

Across the whole of Lancashire, it takes 725 tonnes of salt and sand to fill every grit bin in the county, and costs around £40,000.