EMPTYING of bins on a well used stretch of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal towpath at Gargrave have been taken on by North Yorkshire Council after the Canal and River Trust said last year it could no longer justify the cost.

Following discussions with Gargrave Parish Council, which owns the bins, and which has installed CCTV cameras along the towpath in an attempt to persuade some irresponsible dog owners to pick up after their pets, North Yorkshire Council has been emptying two bins since Christmas.

North Yorkshire Council’s area manager for waste and street scene, Brian Blackwell, said: “The two bins in question were serviced by the Canal and River Trust until the announcement that they would be removing bins from canal towpaths.

“As the towpath is a popular walking route with residents and visitors, the bins continued to be used, so we liaised with Gargrave Parish Council to find a solution.

“We agreed to empty the bins from Christmas onwards, and if the two bins could be relocated to the entrances of the towpaths, we would incorporate them into our schedule.

“The bins are due to be relocated soon and this is testament to the hard work of our officers, who will continue to provide a valuable service in a popular area.”