AN attempt by Skipton's deputy mayor to play an extract from the memorial service of Muhammad Ali was cut short by the mayor who said she had heard enough.

Deputy mayor Peter Madeley made the unusual addition to yesterday evening's (Thursday) full meeting of the council because he said he had been thinking about all the troubles going on in the world and he wanted to show how people could make a difference with words and actions.

But after several minutes of actor and comedian Billy Crystal paying tribute to the former world champion heavyweight boxer and activist, who died in 2016, and with six minutes left to play, mayor Sheila Bentley said she would like to move on, and suggested it be put to the vote.

"Another six minutes of Muhammad Ali I am not keen on", she said, adding that it had already been mentioned how cold it was in the council chamber and there was a lot to get through.

Cllr Madeley commented that the best part about peace was left to play and told the mayor he was "sorry for boring you."

Cllr Madeley said after the meeting that he was sorry that the recording had not been let to play to its conclusion and added the remaining, un-played extract from the televised service had Billy Crystal saying how Muhammad Ali had spoken strongly for peace.

Last night's meeting in the town hall was the first to be filmed and was live-streamed on the council's Facebook Page.