PLANS to replace the existing building at Gisburn Road Nursery, Gisburn Road, Barnoldswick with a new one to accommodate five storage or light industrial units have been submitted to Pendle Council.

The application also includes the widening of the access from the former nursery onto Gisburn Road and parking.

A planning and heritage statement with the application says the existing building is currently used for storage and is starting to look dilapidated and would not be economically viable to repair.

It is proposed to replace the building with five 'starter size' employment units to be used for either storage and distribution or light industrial purposes.

The proposed new building, on the eastern boundary of the site and next to garages, will measure 29m in width, 8.8m in depth and stand 3.4m in height. Internally the units would all be 44sqm in size, with the exception of one slightly larger at 44.6sqm. The access will be widened, and existing gates removed.

The statement adds: "These benefits include the delivery of new, sustainable employment floor space within an accessible brownfield site, diversifying the availability of units in Barnoldswick and reflecting the council’s strategic economic growth aims.

"The development delivers a range of environmental, social and economic benefits which weigh in favor of the scheme."