A SKIPTON-based online learning company has launched a new magazine aimed at professionals in e-learning and online training.

Based at Broughton Hall, AdaptiVLE, which has produced online courses and learning platforms since 2015, has now launched the new bi-monthly 48-page digital magazine  'Dirtyword', to push back against the perception that e-learning is a dull medium for teaching and learning.

Mark Gash, lead creative at AdaptiVLE and Dirtyword's  content editor said: “The e-learning world has a diverse reach across education, corporate training, government and beyond, but it struggles to distance itself from the click-next-slide image it has created for itself through the years.

"Since the pandemic, e-learning has become more prevalent than ever and has been a hotbed of innovation for the remote-working culture. Dirtyword aims to shine a light-hearted yet informative spotlight on the industry.

"From our news round-up to opinion pieces, reviews, tutorials and biographies, the Dirtyword team is on a mission to put some fun back into e-learning, delivering insightful articles across a range of topics written by those in the know."

He added: "We want Dirtyword to inspire readers, make them curious about new ways of creating e-learning content, provide expert advice on building training programmes, show solidarity in working practices and experiences, and make them laugh when they’ve taken a beating from a client, user or developer.”

Issue one of Dirtyword is available now and is available free of charge at dirtywordmag.com