HOLLYWOOD descended upon London last week for the red carpet premiere of Argylle, Matthew Vaughn’s latest blockbuster.

A night of typical A-list glitz and glamour, all eyes fell upon the film’s breakout star. Come the morning after, it was neither Henry Cavill nor Bryce Dallas Howard splashed across the front pages. It’s quite something when even pop superstar Dua Lipa can’t steal the show.

Top prize instead was snatched by Claudia Schiffer’s cat, Chip, a round-faced beauty with little lop ears and wide golden eyes. No mere accessory to Schiffer’s red carpet get up, Chip is a top line star in Argylle. A breakout in his feature debut.

A Scottish Fold cat - oft frowned upon by vets and breed associations for its plethora of associated health malformations - Chip plays Alfie, the constant companion of best selling novelist Elly Conway (Dallas Howard).

Introverted to her core, Elly hardly ever leaves the safety of her home. You can see why. In Argylle, a rare excursion into the outside world sees Elly - and Alfie - dramatically drawn into the world of espionage about which she writes.

As it transpires, Elly’s spy stories bare remarkable resemblance to events ongoing in the real world. When her latest book concludes with a cliffhanger, all and sundry are desperate to know the outcome, even if that means kidnapping the writer for answers.

Felines aside, Argylle really does boast a who’s who of casting greats. Alongside Dallas Howard and Cavill - that’s Superman to you - there are parts for Oscar winners Sam Rockwell, Ariana DeBose and Samuel L. Jackson, not to mention Bryan Cranston, Catherine O’Hara, John Cena and Richard E. Grant. There’s barely a B-lister in sight.

Vaughn is perhaps best known for his work on the X-Men films but gained notoriety for his oversight of the Kingsman series. Argylle is said to exist within the same universe. Certainly, it shares the franchise’s wit and whack DNA. If you like your action served tongue in cheek, this one’s for you.

A quick word also for this week’s other release. Migration comes from the makers of Minions and last year’s Super Mario Movie. As animations about migrating ducks go, it’s palatable.

The very young should enjoy the film’s bright and breezy style, while parents might find a chuckle or two to see them through.