BARCLAYS Bank is to go ahead with the planned closure of its Skipton branch.

In a text message sent out to customers, the bank said the High Street Street branch would close on Thursday, March 7 but that it would 'still be around to help you face-to-face in your community.'

It added: "If you'd like support with other ways to do your banking, please reply with a time and day that suits you, and we'll give you a call." Barclays says it will be open Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm.

The bank plans to open a hub which it is believed will be sited in one of the town's car parks.

North Yorkshire Councillor Andy Solloway, who represents Skipton West, who has fought for the branch to remain open, said while he had not managed to change the bank's mind, he was arguing for its replacement service to be as accessible as possible.

In addition to a hub, Cllr Solloway said he understood the bank was considering a mobile service with vans touring the area and was also looking at a more permanent structure.

He said: "In the recent meeting I had with them, I don’t think I’ve changed their minds on the branch closing, I am just arguing for as much accessibility to services as I can and for them to continue to offer cash deposit services whatever they do.

"With the scandal about the Post Office, people seem to be increasingly losing faith in big institutions, whether public or private. Maybe we need a reset."

A spokesperson for Barclays Bank said: “In Skipton, we plan to open a Barclays Local – a cashless banking site where customers can meet a colleague face-to-face for banking support, as they would in a branch and without the need to travel. We are currently working with the local community to identify a suitable location and will announce details once confirmed.”

Barclays announced in December last year that it was planning to close its Skipton branch in March and that following a review by LINK of how accessible cash was in the community, it could delay the closure.

It added it was keen to hear what its customers thought and invited people to go into the branch and speak to a member of its team.