PAINTINGS and textiles from freelance textile designer Joan Murray are to go on show at Holy Trinity Church Cafe, Skipton in February.

Joan, from Skipton, spent 20 years teaching fashion and textiles at Craven College, and also taught at The Royal College of Art in London.

Over the years she has experimented with various creative techniques and she recently took up a weaving residency in Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States, in which she helped create a five-metre long textile work.

Joan said: "The paintings of geraniums (in the exhibition at Holy Trinity Cafe) are inspired by my late mother who always had a colourful flurry of geraniums in her porch to greet any visitor. The collages and paintings are complemented by garments and weaves.

"Two, very enjoyable, decades teaching fashion and textiles at Craven College, as well as visiting-teacher days at the Royal College of Art in London, enabled me to experiment with techniques and develop a wide range of patterns, textures, colours, silhouettes and yarns.

"Now as a freelance textile designer, I continue to knit and weave. Many decisions are made by instinct as the work takes shape.

"My garments are focused on the idea of a living, moving body, and all my creative work springs from drawing, collaging and painting from life." Her textile works have been bought by the Victoria and Albert Museum London, Hove Museum and Art Gallery, and The Whitworth Museum and Gallery, Manchester.

She added: "My recent weaving residency at SING Global ‘22 – an annual Christian conference held in Nashville, Tennessee – included various themed woven pieces.

"One large collaborative work was created over the four days: each delegate brought a piece of yarn for me to weave into a five-metre long textile symbolising individuals joined together in the family of the church.

"Among the many writers, musicians and artists I met, was the poet/priest Malcolm Guite, whose work we have discussed here at Holy Trinity."

Joan is now working towards a 2024 summer residency on the island of Lindisfarne.

Joan Murray's 'paintings and textiles' will be on show at Holy Trinity Cafe, Skipton, from Wednesday, February 7 to March 4; Wednesdays to Friday, 10am to 3pm; and on Saturdays, from 10am to 2pm.

People are welcome to look, but are asked not to touch the textiles.