DIETICIAN Ivor Cummins shared his ideas on the benefits of following a more traditional diet and avoiding over-processed foods at two well attended talks in Skipton.

Ivor, a chemical engineer,  co-author of Eat Rich, Live Long, and podcaster,   was engaged by the group, Low-Carb Skipton, to make two public presentations on 'The Road to Health and Longevity'.

The world-famous speaker, who in 2020 won a large following as a critic of the scientific view on Covid-19, promotes a more simple and traditional diet, greatly reduced in sugar and starch, and based on freshly prepared natural food stuffs – including meat, fish, dairy and vegetables.

Dr Verner Wheelock, chair of Low-Carb Skipton, said: "Ivor Cummins is great source of knowledge and a tremendous inspiration to us. We were really pleased to be able to welcome him back to Skipton once again."

Around 50 people attended his first presentation at High Corn Mill to hear him talk on the dietary root causes of much chronic ill-health – often triggered by over-reliance on heavily processed foods, sugar, starches, and seed oils.

Many people, he said, found their bodies were unable to deal with the high levels of glucose and insulin that these sorts of modern foods cause. The talk was followed by a low-carb meal prepared by Bruce Elsworth and his team at Elsworth at the Mill.

A larger crowd heard him talk the following day at Hotel Rendezvous in Skipton.

The rise in type two diabetes and resulting obesity, and its onset and growth is said Ivor closely linked to the adoption of standardised and processed high carbohydrate diets by many Western countries in the 1980s.

Members of the audience, including many Low-Carb Skipton members, described how they had been 'low-carbing' for years, and put their type two diabetes into remission, losing large amounts of body fat in the process, without being hungry.

Low-carb Skipton meets on the first Monday of every month at Hotel Rendezvous. Dr Verner Wheelock’s book “Healthy Eating – the Big Mistake” has been updated and reprinted for 2024.

Ivor’s presentation at Hotel Rendezvous can be seen on YouTube at:; more about Low-Carb Skipton at: or on Facebook.