AN HGV driver hit a car while overtaking it on the A59 near Beamsley Hill, heard Skipton Magistrates Court.

Darren Taylor, 49, carried on driving because there was nowhere to stop, and finally pulled over after going round the Bolton Abbey roundabout, but failed to locate the driver of the other vehicle, the court heard on Friday.

He then returned to his place of work where he told his employer and filled in an accident form, but failed to inform the police as he should have done.

The court heard Taylor had been in a line of vehicles which had come out of temporary 40mph limit on the A59 on July 27, last year.

He was overtaking the Honda Jazz on a three lane part of the road between the junction with Storiths Lane and Pace Gate when he collided with the car after running out of space to pull in, the court heard.

A statement read out in court from the driver of the Honda Jazz described how he had been in front of the HGV during the temporary 40mph zone and that the driver had overtaken him, but had run out of space, had hit his vehicle and caused damage to the driver's side including its wing mirror. He had sounded his horn, but the other vehicle had driven off.

Taylor, who had no previous convictions, pleaded guilty to failing to report an accident, and driving without due care and attention.

In mitigation, Julian White said Taylor had tried to do the right thing, but it had gone all wrong.

He said several cars had been overtaking, and Taylor had followed them; he saw he was running out of space and had attempted to pull in, but the driver of the other vehicle had sped up. He had pulled in when he could, but the complainant had already stopped.

"He told his employer what had happened, and filled in an accident report, he should have known better, and he accepts that now," said Mr White.

Magistrates told Taylor, of Constable Avenue, Burnley, that as a professional driver he should have known better and that it was his responsibility to inform the police, a failing that they found 'bewildering'.

For the charge of failing to report an accident, he was fined £538 and his licence endorsed with eight penalty points. He was also ordered to pay costs of £85 and a surcharge of £215. There was no separate penalty for driving without due care and attention.