TWO walkers caught in low cloud and rain on Ingleborough were helped back to safety by Cave Rescue volunteers.

A man and a woman, both in their late 20s, called police at just before 6pm on Friday (February 16) to say they had got lost while following a published walk.

A spokesperson for the Clapham based Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) said: "As they were in a poor reception area, the usual telephone location systems were ineffective. However, the caller had mentioned walking past ‘a tanker’, which the team’s local knowledge suggested was the bowser, for watering stock, in the Clapham Bottoms area.

"With other team members on stand-by at home, two drove up Long Lane in CRO 4 -Honda Pioneer- and two up towards Trow Gill in CRO 2 -Land Rover- as a precaution. The first vehicle drove to within easy hailing distance of the walkers and returned them to CRO base for a hot drink."

Earlier on Friday, CRO was put on alert after a child climbed a rock above Banks Lane, Settle, and was unable to get down.

The spokesperson said: "Her mother calmed her and talked her down to safety. Apart from phone calls, no action required of CRO."