MAYBE Dick, a parody of Herman Melville's Moby Dick, is coming to Skipton Little Theatre in March.

Written and performed by John Hewer, and directed by Bruce Knight, Maybe Dick is an inventive, comedic re-telling of Melville's classic tale of revenge and retribution on the High Seas.

The Skipton audience can look forward to being transported back to Nantucket, 184, when Ishmael signs on to the Pequod, and witnesses the perils of nature, obsession, punning and physical comedy, as Captain Ahab conducts a reckless pursuit of the savage white whale, Moby Dick.

Do you need to have read or seen Moby Dick? “I do, you don’t!,” jokes John Hewer. “The story-telling comes second to joke-telling, even though we’ve managed to stay faithful to the book and the original characters.

“Audiences are crying out for pure entertainment; I think there’s an increasingly stronger wish to sporadically switch off from both the mundane and the gravity of current affairs and such, and that it’s important that there are shows and comedic works that offer the chance to do that.”

Review Culture says of the Hambledon Productions show: “You will be hit with wave after wave of silliness, leaving a warm glow and a great big smile."

After a sell-out tour of festivals and smaller venues in 2023, Maybe Dick, via a co-production with New Bedford’s Whaling Museum in Massachusetts, USA, is embarking on a new nationwide theatre tour.

Maybe Dick comes to Skipton Little Theatre, Craven Street, at 7.30pm on March 5. Tickets £14 online at:; phone: 0752 714 1176 or email: