CRAVEN councillors will this week consider a response from the Modality GP Partnership following patients' concerns and decide whether they still want a representative to attend a future meeting.

A report to Thursday's Skipton and Ripon area committee meeting of North Yorkshire Council includes a lengthy report on the Modality Partnership, which includes Fisher Medical, and surgeries in Cross Hills, Steeton and Silsden.

Representatives of Modality were not able to attend the March meeting of the committee but have offered to attend in June. Following the written response, councillors will be asked to note the report, and consider whether they still want Modality to attend the June meeting.

The report to councillors goes into detail how patients can make appointments and the reasoning behind online forms. It also details what happens when someone submits a request for medical, nurse or prescription help; and what a GP practice is contracted to provide.

It states: "AWC Modality is progressing with NHS England Modern general practice model in order to provide a service that can provide equity of access to patients across online, telephone and walk-in access routes. Constantly refining and adapting the new system according to a wide range of feedback from patients, staff and other stakeholders in the health system, is an integral part of this process."

The Skipton and Ripon Constituency Committee meeting is on Thursday (March 7) at 10am at the Craven office of North Yorkshire Council, Belle Vue Square, Broughton Road, Skipton.