DISAPPOINTMENT with Earby Town Council's apparent reluctance to discuss future use of a builders' compound area at an under construction housing development has been voiced by West Craven councillors.

Cllr David Whipp, chair of the West Craven Committee of Pendle Council, took the town council to task after it turned down the committee's invitation to discuss future use of the compound at the Spring Mill development in Bailey Street, Earby.

Tuesday's meeting in Barnoldswick heard that the town council had thanked the committee for the opportunity to comment but were not open to having the land transferred to it and considered it the responsibility of Pendle Council.

The town council continued that it had discussed future use of the area and considered that the building of anything such as a playground, pump track or community building would impact on surface water issues.

A report to the West Craven Committee, stated: "The only use they (Earby Town Council) consider is appropriate as a public amenity would be a wetland creation, to increase biodiversity and habitat, through appropriate planting, the creation of a scrape/pond, potentially with a boardwalk or timber bridge to facilitate use of the public footpath across the waterlogged area in all weathers."

Cllr Whipp said it was disappointing that the town council could not find a couple of hours to discuss the matter with the area committee and pointed out it was residents who were asking for it.

"I think we should ask Earby Town Council to reconsider this so we can discuss it in depth. "

He added that there was no way Pendle Council would take on a project that would cost money and that other lower tier councils had taken on projects.

"I think there at least needs to be some discussion instead of a knee-jerk reaction, 'no, we are not doing it."