KICKING off the week with a positive start, this Monday saw the year’s first Show & Sale of Ewes with Lambs at Foot, at Skipton’s Craven Cattle Mart, hosting a tidy entry of 84.

With a strong selection of goods to rank, the judging was undertaken by Mr Peter Houseman of Padside, Harrogate.

His choice of 1st and 2nd prize pairs made £320 and £240, respectively.

1st prize in the Continental Pairs class was awarded to S&CR Battye of Oxspring, Sheffield, for a strong pair of Texels with twin lambs. 2nd prize in the same class went to T&H Kilby of Thorp Arch, Wetherby, for single outfits.

In the Pair of Mules with Lambs class, T&H Kilby took 1st prize, and S&CR Battye took 2nd.

Setting a strong precedent for the season to come, Mules were a strong trade throughout, with an average of £275 for twins. Singles of all kinds were flying, too, with a top price of £240 for a Texel outfit, closely followed by more at £235. Suffolk’s with singles topped at a strong £230 (Av. £225). Those with twins topped at £285, averaging £255.

As April approaches and spring lamb is on the mind, demand continues to grow. With all classes of sheep on the scarce side, purchasing ewes and lambs is proving to be a wise investment. All enquiries and entries for future shows and sales are welcome. Please contact the CCM office or auctioneers Ted Ogden and Rob Cloughton for further information.

Show results:Pair of Continental Ewes with Lambs: 1st - S&CR Battye, 2nd - T&H Kilby.

Pair of Mule Ewes with Lambs: 1st - TH Kilby, 2nd - S&CR Battye.

Coming up, the early show of ewes and lambs (weekly sale), is on Monday March 18. Sale at 11:30am. More details at: