THE rotary club organisers of the Great Skipton Santa Fun Run are hoping to attract more volunteers to help make sure it can continue raising thousands of pounds for worthy causes.

The Rotary Club of Skipton Craven, which also runs the equally popular Santa sleigh, and whose members regularly collect donations outside the town's supermarkets for charities and international disaster relief, has over the last 15 years raised a whopping more than £500,000.

Now, it is offering different ways for people to get involved, specifically young people, including the setting up of a 'satellite' club for anyone over 18 years old.

Club resident, Colin Hargreaves said: “It is evident from all the positive comments we receive when we are out and about at the Santa Fun Run or with our collecting buckets around the streets of Skipton or in the supermarkets, that the residents of Skipton hold Rotary in high regard. But, these events don't just happen; they require people with the right skills to organise them, plus a whole variety of ‘helpers’.

"Our partnership with Skipton Step into Action is working well and I am grateful to their volunteers for the support that they have given us with our various projects. I am also grateful to our fellow Rotarians at Skipton Rotary for their support, and to a small number of friends who are willing to turn out and help us.

But that is not enough. So, this is why we are offering some alternative ways for members of the Craven community to get involved with Rotary and thus ensure the future of the Club’s community activities."

The club says it is trying to attract a younger, more inclusive and diverse membership, by offering alternatives to the formality of normal regular weekly meetings - although this option of full membership is also available.

Interested  people, over 18 years old, are are being encouraged to form a ‘satellite club’ to give them the chance to make a positive difference in a relaxed environment. Meetings can be held at a chosen location when and as members wish; they can choose their own projects, but will also provide support to the Rotary Club of Skipton Craven for their activities.

‘Friends of Rotary’ is for those who cannot make the commitment to being a member of Rotary but are willing to volunteer to assist the two Skipton rotary clubs with their various fundraising events and community projects throughout the year. Friends of Rotary are not Rotarians. They will not be required to pay dues nor attend club meetings, but they will be fully insured when acting on behalf of Rotary.

M Hargreaves added: "As the president of a rotary club that prides itself on being part of the Skipton community, I am calling on the good people of Skipton, especially the younger generation, to help us out.”

Further information about membership opportunities with The Rotary Club of Skipton Craven can be found at: Or email: