AN exciting and innovative new exhibition featuring a unique plywood dome has just opened in Skipton Town Hall.

Soundscapes is  a 'cutting-edge audio-video installation' that combines orchestral music by Craven based composer Ben Crick with 360- digital artwork by Michaela French using video images of the Yorkshire Dales.

The installation is projected inside a specially-designed hemispherical dome. Ben, an avid climber and caver, came up with the idea of combining his love for music and for the outdoors, and enlisted Michaela to co-create the immersive artistic experience.

Those attending last week's launch were impressed, remarking on the quality of the projection and the beauty of the music. They included Katy Peacock, founder of Exclusively Inclusive who sees the benefits of the installation for breaking down barriers of opportunity and accessibility.

She said: "The potential for developing a sense of connection and enhancing wellbeing is tremendous. This is a wonderful way for people to connect with music and nature, particularly those who don't usually experience classical music and may not be able to access the countryside for a host of reasons."

Guests at the preview event were also impressed by the unique five-meter diameter dome designed by a team of architects from Northumbria University.

Lead architect Peter Dixon said: "The dome was specifically designed for the Soundscapes installation. It's a bespoke structure that's the only one of its kind, blending artistry with functionality in a harmonious symphony of design. It's crafted solely from Birchwood ply with dry joints which allows for effortless relocation."

Peter also sang the praises of Adam Moore who led the construction team at Halifax-based joinery contractor Hadley Interiors and who solved the problem of how to make the birch plywood panels bend in two directions. Has it been done before? Peter thinks not, believing it to be the only curved surface plywood dome in the world.

A delighted Ben Crick said: "I started with this crazy notion of putting some music to 360 video footage and projecting it somehow into an exhibition space, and we've ended up with a superb art installation in this beautiful purpose-built dome. It's been a real team effort and we're all chuffed with it."

Soundscapes is funded by Arts Council England, Skipton Building Society and the Tarn Moor Estate and runs until Saturday June 1 in Skipton Town Hall, Monday to Saturday, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.