SKIPTON Auction Mart’s Easter Spring Lambs Show and Sale once again saw victory for RJ&J Towers, of Ingleton, with a single Continental taking the champion title and selling for £230 or 500p per kilo to Nick Dalby. (Monday, March 25).

The Towers family also clinched reserve champion with a Down single. They also made 488p with 43kg at £210, while CW Marwood & Son, of Whenby, topped their run at £210 or 488p again for a 43kg Charlollais to the same buyer. Other good handyweight 430p to 470p, heavier sorts 380p to 420p.

The 48 new season lambs forward made an average of £185.83 per head - 421p/kg.

A pair of Continentals clinched first prize for CW Marwood (43kg £2210). Second was RJ&J Towers (43kg £205). CW Marwood took second prize in the single Continental while The Towers family came first with a pair of Downs (43kg £210).

Prices per head in weights categories were: 36.0kg - 45.5kg to 488.4p/kg, av 431.1p/kg or £182.86. 45.6kg - 52.0kg to 500.0p/kg, av 409.5p/kg or £197.40. 52.1kg and over to 367.9p/kg, av 339.2p/kg or £181.50.

Prices for individual breeds were: Charollais: Average £190.85 per head or 437.6p/kg. £ per head: £210 £208 £200 £195 £194 £188 £182. P/kg: 488.4p 451.2p 443.9p 442.6p 437.2p 433.3p 428.6p CW Marwood; £205 (476.7p) RJ&J Towers.

Texel: Average £171.60 or 431.6p/kg. £ per head: £230 RJ&J Towers; £170 £168 £145 IMA&RJ Smith. P/kg: 500.0p RJ&J Towers; 430.8p 425.0p 391.9p IMA&RJ Smith.

Suffolk: Average £212.67 or 465.7p/kg. £ per head: £218 £210. P/kg: 488.4p 427.5p RJ&J Towers.

Dorset: Average £164.00 or 345.3p/kg. £ per head: £195 £190 £145.. P/kg: 380.0p 367.9p 322.2p IMA&RJ Smith.

Zwartable: Average £153.00 or 306.4p/kg. £ per head: £168 £138.. P/kg: 311.1p 300.0p MJ Beckwith.

Monday also saw cull ewes and cast rams through the rings with ewes averaging £120.27 and rams averaging £121.33.

Among the ewes, Suffolk made to £211.50, Texel to £227.50, Zwartable to £141.50, Mule to £134.50, Swaledale to £118.50, Gritstone to £119.50, Cheviot to £103.50, Beltex to £254.50, Lonk to £79.50, Charollais to £249.50, Blue de Maine to £125.50, Wensleydale to £118.50, SBF to £65.50 and Jacob to £53.50 Top prices were: Lowland: £254.50 RK Ibison; £249.50 CW Marwood; Mule/Masham: £134.50 JA&JH Hewetson; £133.50 Ashfield Farms; Horned: £119.50 B Dibb; £118.50 RA Dent; Hill: £103.50 R Jackson; £81.50 A Daniel.

Among the rams, Suffolk made to £59.50, Texel to £159.50, BFL to £149.50, Charollais to £159.50 and Beltex to £74.50.