CRAVEN butchers Drake and Macefield's venison, mushroom and red wine pie was a runner-up at the recent British Pie Awards.

Up against the best in the country, the pie won a bronze in the game pie section at the contest held - where else - at Melton Mowbray.

So, what of the Drake and Macefield pie - said by the butchers themselves to be one of their 'lesser-known'?

I carried put a pie test, and here is what I thought.

Venison. If you buy a pie that's venison, mushroom and red wine, you want plenty of venison, so you know its different and a bit more special.

Drake and Macefield's version is an absolute classic game pie. Hearty chunks of tender meat, and I mean good chunks, are in a robust, deep flavoured gravy and paired with half button mushrooms.

One pie would be a perfect outdoor elevenses snack for those up to their knees in heather, or needing some meaty goodness while mooching around Skipton market.

The water-based pastry was melt in the mouth -crisp and sturdy, and enough to carry the delicious contents. A full-flavoured nicely seasoned, but not too salty, pie where the well matched flavours leave you with a smile on your face.

The pies cost £2.25 and can be bought at Drake and Macefield in Skipton, Cross Hills and Settle.