THE site supervisor at Skipton's St Stephen's Catholic Primary School is set to jump out of an aeroplane next month to raise money for school funds.

Phillip Duckworth, who is also a parent of a child at the school, hopes to raise £1,000 through his skydive on May 19 for the school's parent-teacher association to buy books, and also in memory of his father.

He said: "I am jumping out a plane, with a parachute, for a few reasons. The one I want help with is funding upgrade to my school's libraries. We want to provide nice new comfortable furniture for the children in key stage one to help develop their reading. We also want to buy books, non-fiction, to further develop reading skills and enhance the general knowledge of the key stage two children, and on a personal basis, my dad had to do a parachute jump as part of his RAF training, and he hated it. He passed away 13 years ago, but I want to do the jump for him, so he knows its not really that bad."

The Friends of St Stephen's was formed in the 1960s as a way of raising funds for the school and nursery.

Donations can be made at: Crowdfunding to Help FOSS fund the upgrade of the libraries. Furniture for KS1 and non-fiction books for KS2. So I'm jumping out of a plane @ 15000ft. on JustGiving