A charity shop has been criticised for displaying a golly doll in its window - but has insisted the "collectible" item is not racist.

Locals said displaying the controversial teddy in Preloved, Skipton, was 'disgusting'.

Shoppers said they first spotted the doll on Wednesday but it had been removed from the shop window by Friday.

However, it is still understood to be for sale for £4.50 inside the shop, which raises money for Cancer Support Yorkshire.

The Preloved shop opened its doors in 2017 and is located on Belmont Bridge.

Local Anne, 64, said: "I was tempted to buy it just to remove it.

"It's disgusting, vile and sickening."

Anne, a retired carer, said when a friend who first spotted the doll spoke to staff about it - they said they would not be removing it.

When approached, a staff member said she did not wish to comment but added she didn't feel the doll was racist, and had sold "African" items before.

She said it was a "collectible" items and confirmed it was still on sale within the shop, but was no longer in the window, to avoid upsetting people.

In a statement, the charity's board of trustees and executive director said: "Cancer Support Yorkshire is an inclusive charity offering comfort, advice and support to the whole community who are affected by cancer. 

"CSY are appalled that an extremely offensive item was put on display and for sale at our PreLoved Shop in Skipton.

"We take this extremely seriously and we have launched a thorough investigation. The offensive item has been destroyed and we are sincerely sorry for the distress and upset this has caused across our communities.

"This is not what Cancer Support Yorkshire stands for and goes against our ethos on every level."