Fostering is a rewarding role which makes a real difference to vulnerable children and young people. It literally changes lives. Foster carers are ordinary people that do something amazing. Foster for Bradford is the fostering agency of Bradford Children & Families Trust, working in partnership with Bradford Council, caring solely for Bradford’s children in care.

Why should you foster Foster for Bradford?

Most people foster for their local council or the local children’s trust, which is wholly owned by the council. Others will foster for a private agency called an Independent Fostering Agency (IFA). But what’s the difference, and does it matter?

The child always comes first

Our interest is perfectly aligned with yours: the child must always come first.

As privately-owned businesses, IFAs exist to provide a return to their owners or shareholders and must balance service provision and the need to make a profit. Bradford Children & Families Trust has no profit motive - we are 100% not for profit.

When you foster with us you are directly helping us to use our funding to support more children in care. And this does not mean that foster carers get paid less: Foster for Bradford offers very competitive financial support to carers. In April 2024 our financial support to Foster Carer increased by (on average) 6.8%.

Fostering locally keeps children in their own community

When a child is fostered locally, they stay closer to all the important people in their lives. Maintaining a local connection to friends, school and family means better continuity and less disruption. They’re still part of their local community. Our social workers are local too. Local connection makes a real difference.

It helps foster carers too. Support and training can be more responsive. Your own Fostering Social Worker can come to you - you can meet face to face. If you’re closer to the child’s community, you’ll also have a stronger connection to the local fostering community and be part of a large local network of foster carers.

Foster for Bradford has a dedicated carer association, the Bradford Independent Foster Carer Association - experienced foster carers who offer advice, meet-ups, buddying and support (24/7).

Your local support network really matters.

Foster for Bradford can make the best match for you and your family.

As the fostering service of Bradford Children & Families Trust, we are responsible for the wellbeing of all children in foster care in the Bradford district. Every one of them. Because of this, Foster for Bradford will make sure the best possible fit between the child and the foster carer/family.

‘Matching’ is important because every child’s situation is different. And the foster carer’s situation is too: it has to work for you and your existing family.

And the best possible match means the best possible care.

You can work and foster too

We are recruiting full time and part time foster carers. Even full-time foster carers can work alongside fostering as long as the job is flexible and child friendly.

The number of children coming in to care across England is continuing to rise. These children need foster carers who can provide them with safe, stable, and nurturing homes.

If you are interested in finding out more about fostering, make a no-obligations appointment to talk to us today. Rule yourself in!

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