SIBLINGS Betty and James Mukherjee from Gargrave are still in the running to win BBC's Race Across the World.

Betty, 25, a social media and events manager for a gym, and James, 21, a sales consultant, are one of five pairs of travellers in a 15,000 mile race across eastern Asia. The teams are racing from northernmost Japan, crossing six seas and eight borders, skirting the path of the volcanic ring of fire – the most geologically unstable region on the planet – to reach the finish line in Lombok, an idyllic Indonesian island paradise.

The contestants cannot take planes and have to get to a series of checkpoints, without the help of smartphones or credit cards, to reach the finish and claim the £20,000 prize.

The programme, which goes out on Wednesdays, has already seen one of the pairs, a mother and daughter, eliminated.

Betty and James both went to St Stephen's Primary School and Upper Wharfedale School, Threshfield.

Betty is well travelled, while James prefers partying in Magaluf. Barely in touch as adults, their hope is to share the experience of a lifetime.

Betty said as a family they had watched series one and two and had thought they could 'definitely do this'.

"It got to the last week we could apply, and we thought “let's just go for it.” We did the audition video very on a whim and filled out the form and here we are. I think it was kind of my idea, I got the application thing going and James got dragged along for the journey."

James said they had no set plan for the race. "It's so unknown there’s no point really trying to make a fixed plan because it could change in an instant. So, we’ll try to keep it logical: when it gets to it, don’t do anything rash do everything with measure but, we also have no set plan."

And as for preparing beforehand, Betty said: "I just started trying to reduce my food and then we’re both really bad in the morning at waking up so I started trying to wake up at half five in the morning for the last two, three weeks because neither of us function well in the morning so I just thought well, I just have to do something."

During the programme, James is seen trying food he has never tasted before. He said: "I think on the plane was the first time I’ve ever had seaweed. I’m getting there. I’m open to trying most of the food at least."

Asked how competitive they are, James said: "I am. Betty doesn’t like to admit it, she doesn’t want to say it or come across too cocky or arrogant but I think we’ve got a good chance. We’re both very competitive."

Asked what she thought would be the biggest challenges, Betty said: "The lack of sleep. I also think the language barrier is going to be huge. I think wherever I’ve been even if it’s just a week holiday, if you learn to say even “hello” or “thank you” in their language they’re so appreciative of that, and I think then they're more receptive to helping so I think even maybe learning a word or two would be good."

Asked what their parents and older brother, Matt, think of them doing the trip together, Betty said: "They said they think it will make us stronger. We’re not super close as brother and sister," and James said: "Mum and Dad, I know they will be excited for us, proud and nervous but it’s quite hard to grasp because they haven’t really said anything."

Race Across the World continues Wednesday’s, 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.