AROUND 100 people took part in a demonstration in Skipton calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Demonstrators, some carrying signs bearing slogans such as ‘while you’re shopping bombs are dropping’ marched from Aireville Park to the High Street where they gathered outside the town hall to hear a variety of speakers talk passionately in support of Palestine, highlighting their desire for peace in the region and an end to the senseless loss of human life.

Amani Rashid from Skipton for Palestine, organiser of Saturday's demonstration, said: "The feeling was beyond words. Finally, despite holding other demonstrations in Skipton for the cause, the impact this time was profound. Everyone stopped to look.

"We had a mixture of responses. But we did what we came to do, which was to disrupt Skipton out of its sleeping privilege. One way or another, people in the area will be talking about Palestine- even if it’s just for a moment, and these moments will continue to be enforced through our movement, using a variety of peaceful methods."