POLICE say a vehicle was caught doing 116mph on a stretch of the A65 yesterday (Sunday).

One of the force's safety camera vans recorded the vehicle travelling at nearly twice the speed limit of 60mph, and a second vehicle going at 104mph; police have not said exactly where on the A65 the camera van was positioned, but have warned of the possible consequences of speeding.

The North Yorks Traffic Bureau and Road Safety Team posted on X: "Yesterday (Sunday), one of our Safety Camera Officers caught a vehicle travelling at 116mph on the #A65 - nearly double the speed limit of 60mph.

"Moments later, another vehicle was caught at 104mph. Driving in this manner is unacceptable. Had the vehicle hit a pothole, had a mechanic failure, or collided with another road user, the outcome would have been catastrophic. If a vehicle suddenly stopped in front of you, would you be able to stop in time? Always drive within the speed limits."