AN action-packed agenda at CCM Skipton’s latest Saturday sale day featured the monthly livestock collective, a seasonal Agri-Trader auction and an ever-popular sale of Border Fine Art and Beswick pieces.

The livestock section had an entry of 249 stirks, weaned calves and young stores for what was also the second grass day sale to coincide with the annual turnout, top call of £1,350 per head falling to a brace of British Blue-x steers from Peter Fawcett, Eldroth, a good grazing pen from the same vendor also reaching £1,240.

Blue bullocks at 8/10-months sold well to grazing customers, strongest pens making £850-£895, others from £740 upwards, the younger end £540-£650. Limousin steers sold to £890 from DB Greenwood & Sons, Threshfield.

Blue heifers got away just as well, good 14-month-old turnout heifers making £800 upwards up to £985 from Nick Parker, Silsden, 8/10-month-olds £720-£820 and 6/7-month-olds £590-£750. Stuart Verity, Clitheroe, sold a smart pen of six-month-old heifers at £790 each.

Native bullocks traded to £890 for Aberdeen-Angus from Frank Throup, Silsden, plenty of other native grazers making £730-£840, the younger end £580-£650. Angus heifers topped at £830 from J Cornforth, Thornton, Bradford, grazers away at £630-£750, the younger end £490-£590.

Mr Cornforth hit £830 for the second time when consigning the top price Blonde-x heifer, with Limousin heifers peaking at £1,170 from Martin Hutchinson, Mixenden, who also did well with a native Shorthorn at £860 Black and white bullocks sold to £630 from John Rushton, Elslack, good turnout types trading either side of £600, the younger end £375-£435. Suckler-bred stirks met a strong trade, plenty making £800-£900.

Bulls sold to £1,000 for a December, 2022, Simmental from JE Greenwood, Denholme, while a consignment of feeding cows from J Hickman, Micklefield, Leeds, saw Simmental sell to £1,170, Blonde to £1,140 and Limousin to £1,120. Of the goats and sheep on offer, nannies sold to £105, gimmer lambs to £95, Lincoln Longwool ram lambs to £90.

Machinery sales continue to go from strength to strength, with no less than 792 lots on offer and a very good clearance rate achieved. Land Rover Defenders motored to £10,200, tractors to £8,500 and £5,400, manure equipment to £5,400 and grassland gear to £3,200.

Livestock equipment also sold well, both new and used tackle in good demand, while stone was again solid, a pair of gateposts making £600 and Yorkshire Stone flags £300. Of the miscellaneous items, a brace of milk kits bagged £75 each. Monthly livestock collective and machinery sales are next scheduled for Saturday, June 8.

A massive entry of Border Fine Art pieces and ornaments created widespread interest both ringside and online, older items notably in demand and a new section for farm-related toys and collectables also well received. Pieces featuring cattle were particularly popular, with selling prices from £420 upwards and two netting £520.