WORLD Tai Chi day will be celebrated in Skipton on Saturday, May 25, with an outdoor workshop at the amphitheatre off High Street.

Craven Leisure centre based Tai Chi and Qigong teachers Clive Whittaker and Val Preston will be leading an afternoon teaching workshop, for anyone interested in finding out more about the martial arts.

Tai Chi is an excellent means of aiding mental and physical well-being with gentle movement routines and techniques , that are achievable and enjoyable for all. Tai chi has origins in China but is now popular throughout the world.

Clive said: "Each Chinese year is connected to an animal and this year it is a Dragon, so we are going to a be teaching Dragon movements and techniques in our short workshops."

Val added: “Tai chi and Qigong are an excellent way to improve your health, balance , strength and well-being."

The workshop will take place from 2pm to 3pm at the amphitheatre, Albion Place, off Skipton High Street on Saturday, May 25.