THE 192-head entry at CCM Skipton’s June’s monthly Saturday livestock collective sale of stirks, weaned calves and young store cattle saw trade step up a gear as multiple buyers gathered ringside to secure turnout cattle.

Continental steers did well, a pair of suckler-bred Limousin from JD Dews, Wakefield, selling to £1,260 top, while dairy-bred steers saw 6–8-month-old fleshed cattle away at £800-£900. Lea Partners, Sheffield, sold 8-month-old dairy Blue bullocks to £940, younger continental steers making £700-£780.

Continental heifers also sold well, Blues to £850 from John Hitchen, Luddendenfoot, 5–6-month-old heifers to £810 from A Bowker, Cowling, the younger end £680-£780.

Twenty-one black and white steers averaged £614, topping at £850 from WT Metcalfe, Hawes, with 6–8-month-old well-farmed steers selling at £650-£700, the younger end of growing steers £450-£550. Danish red bullocks made to £770 from PA&PJ Ormerod, Skipton.

A larger native entry saw Lea Partners again chip in with Hereford steers to £920, WT Metcalfe returning with Angus steers to £890, other same way bred pens regularly hitting £750-£850. Angus heifers peaked at £950 from Marsden Holdings, Hellifield, other large Angus heifer pens making £700-£800, the younger end of growing cattle £620-£700.

Section highs, averages where applicable and top price performers were: Bulls - British Blue to £730, PA&PJ Ormerod, B&W to £410, av £347, G&L Newburn, Aberdeen- Angus to £760, av £685, MT Stapleton, Limousin to £610, av £566, S Carter.

Steers - British Blue to £940, av £774, Lea Partners, Limousin to £1260, av £916, JD Dews, B&W to £850, av £614, WT Metcalfe, Aberdeen-Angus to £890, av £729, WT Metcalfe, Charolais to £870 TH Atkins, Blonde to £590 TB Moorhouse, Shorthorn to £800, av £692, Lea Partners, Hereford to £920, av £763, Lea Partners, Montbéliard to £855 TH Atkins.

Heifers - Limousin to £890, av £714, JR&CJ Greenwood, British Blue to £850 ,av £752, J Hitchen, Hereford to £980, av £854, J Hickman, Aberdeen-Angus to £950, av £717, Marsden Holdings, Blonde to £800 IR Dodson, Shorthorn to £820 JL Millin & Son, Parthenais to £820, av £760, Sim-x Ltd, Charolais to £890, av £855, DP Mitchell, Simmental to £600 TB Moorhouse. Cows - Hereford to £1040, av £970 J Hickman. Next month’s sale is scheduled for Saturday, July 6.